Victories;big and small 

In the last 7 -10 days we have had several victories with W.

First was he decided to try a piece of cheese all by himself! We clapped and cheered. I don’t think he liked it but he didn’t hate it. 

2nd was he was (reluctantly) willing to take some Tylenol for his sinus headache. He’s actually gotten better with this one and will take it now with no hesitation. This one is huge because in the past we’ve only ever been able to get meds into him via rectal so was only used in emergencies. 

3rd was Friday he sat at the table with the other kids at preschool during snack and lunch and had a nap on his cot. Until now he was just going off to the corner to be by himself. 

And finally yesterday my husband took W to the indoor playground (which is busy on weekends) and W not only handled the large crowd well he actually played with some of the other kids.

Aside from being sick W has had a great week. It will probably allgo to crap next week (not being negative) but that just seems to be the way it goes with W. It’s usually 2 steps forward 1 step back. But who nows maybe we’re turning a corner with him and some of this progress will actually stick.


Published by: tigkita

I've been through a lot in my life and I've realized that sharing my story helps me to deal with things. ~ so I have started this partially to help myself deal with the various emotions as they arise but also to help others who may be going through the same thing. This is our story of living with autism. this story actually started before W was diagnosed.

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