Our weekend away… update. 

You might recall I mentioned in a previous post about going away for the weekend, read it here . 

So we packed up W’s comforter (he still doesn’t sleep under the covers so we only needed the comforter for familiarity). We brought his stuffed animals, bedtime stories, his white noise machine and a handful of pajamas so he would still be able to pick his own pajamas. 

After a long fun filled day we accidentally did bedtime later then normal so he was super tired. We stuck to his bedtime routine as closely as possible  (after making the room as familiar as possible). And it went great. He slept in a different bed in a different bedroom for the first time ever and slept just as well as he would have at home. 

It gives me hope for the future because now we know that it is possible to sleep somewhere other than home. 

I Don’t know if he would have settled or not if we hadn’t brought all that stuff. Maybe it was overkill,  maybe it wasn’t necessary but we figured it was our best chance for success.

Published by: tigkita

I've been through a lot in my life and I've realized that sharing my story helps me to deal with things. ~ so I have started this partially to help myself deal with the various emotions as they arise but also to help others who may be going through the same thing. This is our story of living with autism. this story actually started before W was diagnosed.

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