Next weekend we’re going to try something new. 

Next weekend we’re going to be visiting with some friends after doing “a day out with thomas “. They live about 90 minutes away, thankfully both kids do well in the car. They have 2 spare rooms and invited us to stay the weekend. Of course our ability to do so relies entirely on W. W has never slept anywhere other than his own bed. We had to get him a double so i can sleep with him when he needs me because he won’t even sleep in our bed. But we are literally going to bring all his bedding, stuffed animals, toys, and white noise machine to try to make it feel as much like his own room as possible. Thankfully W met my friend Dan yesterday and loves him. After less than 2 hours of playing with Dan W passed out and had a  2 hour nap (something he rarely does). I’m hoping after all the excitement of thomas and then spending some time with Dan that W will just be so exhausted that he’ll pass out without too much fuss. Otherwise we’ll have to come back home. We’ve warned Dan and his wife about the whole situation and thankfully they are cool about it. 

I’m nervous about it but I really hope we might be able to spend the night. 

The joys of having an autistic toddler is you literally never know what to expect but you do the best you can and learn from each new experience. 


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