When talking doesn’t equal communication 

When your child starts to talk you expect communication to improve. As their vocabulary expands so too should their ability to communicate. However that is not always the case. 

It’s frustrating when you know your child can talk but doesn’t actually communicate. 

When they start to say mommy or daddy you expect that they will call out for you when they need you. When they learn yes and no you expect that yes or no questions will be answered with a yes or no. 

W doesn’t communicate. If I ask him if he wants a cookie he doesn’t answer. If he needs me he doesn’t call out for me. He knows how to say “goodnight” but when I say goodnight he doesn’t say it back, instead he starts counting. When he wants something he waves his arms frantically and makes this terrible whining sound; then I start asking “do you want _____” but he never says yes or no. 

I hold on to the hope that it will get better with therapy but I have a friend whose son can talk but becomes non verbal when he’s upset. 

I hate that it will be at least a year before we can get intervention. 


Published by: tigkita

I've been through a lot in my life and I've realized that sharing my story helps me to deal with things. ~ so I have started this partially to help myself deal with the various emotions as they arise but also to help others who may be going through the same thing. This is our story of living with autism. this story actually started before W was diagnosed.

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