It doesn’t add up. 

If 1 in 68 kids are diagnosed with ASD then why are there so few resources? 

I’m fortunate to live in a country where most medical stuff is covered by the government. But the more I look into ASD and the more I talk to other moms who have gone through this the more confused i become. 

First trying to find local resources is daunting. I’ve looked at so many websites but no one mentions if a referral is needed. 

There are so few government funded agencies that the average wait time to get in is 18 months! There are lots of privately run agencies but the average cost for a year of therapy is $50,000! And all these websites don’t mention which they are. 

Secondly there is the issue of doctors not taking the child’s condition seriously. Especially with toddlers. All these doctors have an attitude of s/he’ll grow out of it. So then the parent is stuck looking for a 2nd or 3rd opinion or trying to find help with no resources. This can take up to a year (or more ), all the while the child is not growing out of it. 

So why the hell is it so difficult to get a diagnosis and therapy? Why does it take so long? If so many are diagnosed each year  and it’s known that the earlier therapy is started the better, then why is it such a struggle? 


Published by: tigkita

I've been through a lot in my life and I've realized that sharing my story helps me to deal with things. ~ so I have started this partially to help myself deal with the various emotions as they arise but also to help others who may be going through the same thing. This is our story of living with autism. this story actually started before W was diagnosed.

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